Part number : HC-SR501

Functions : PIR motion sensor on Arduino

Manufacturer : ETC

Image :

HC-SR501 PIR Motion Detector

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The HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor is one of the easiest to connect to an Arduino -or any other microcontroller for that matter- and can also be used as a stand alone motion detector. The HC-SR501 board has 2 variable resistors: looking at the back, with the connections facing upwards and the variable resistors at the bottom, the left resistor is for sensitivity and the right one is for output timing.


HC-SR501 datasheet pinout


: ◦ Automatic induction: to enter the sensing range of the output is high, the person leaves the sensing range of the automatic delay off high, output low. ◦ Photosensitive control (optional, not factory-set) can be set photosensitive control, day or light intensity without induction. ◦ Temperature compensation (optional, factory reset): In the summer when the ambient temperature rises to 30 ° C to 32 ° C, the detection distance is slightly shorter, temperature compensation can be used for performance compensation. ◦ Triggered in two ways: (jumper selectable) ◦ non-repeatable trigger: the sensor output high, the delay time is over, the output is automatically changed from high level to low level; ◦ repeatable trigger: the sensor output high, the delay period, if there is human activity in its sensing range, the output will always remain high until the people left after the delay will be high level goes low (sensor module detects a time delay period will be automatically extended every human activity, and the starting point for the delay t [ … ]

HC-SR501 Datasheet PDF File