YX801 – Solar LED driver – YX801 Circuit

Part number : YX801

Functions : Solar LED drive

Package information : TO-94 4Pin Type

YX801 image

Product Information

YX801 : The two 1.25V charge current or one Lights in a stable manner LED in the pond. Light of the sun Saw And to charge the rechargeable battery and a battery hit the error, The point the LED in the charging battery is charged to at night Light, automatic switching.



YX801 datasheet

Pin 1 attached to the solar panel +ve
Pin 2 attached to the solar panel -ve
Pin 3 attached to battery -ve and one leg of the LED
Pin 4 attahed to battery +ve via the other leg of the LED and a resistor.

yx801 datasheet pinout

Reference site

1. http://forums.parallax.com/discussion/132034/yx801-ic-what-does-it-do

2. http://www.datasheetgo.com/yx8018-datasheet-pdf/


YX801 datasheet refer to YX8018 datasheet


 YX8018 Datasheet PDF Download
YX8018 pdf


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