ULN2803 – Eight Darlington arrays – Allegro

Part number : ULN2803, ULN2803A, ULN2803LW, ULN2804A, ULN2804LW


Package information : 16 Pin Type ( DIP, SMD )

Manufacturer : Allegro MicroSystems


uln2803 darlington arrays

Product Information

The ULx2803A/LW and ULx2804A / LW are the standard Darlington arrays. The outputs are capable of sinking 500 mA and will withstand at least 50 V in the off state. Outputs may be paralleled for higher load current capability. The ULx2823A / LW and ULx2824A / LW will withstand 95 V in the off state.

These Darlington arrays are furnished in 18-pin dual in-line plastic packages (suffix ‘A’) or 18-lead small-outline plastic packages (suffix ‘LW’). All devices are pinned with outputs opposite inputs to facilitate ease of circuit board layout. Prefix ‘ULN’ devices are rated for operation over the temperature range of -20°C to +85°C; prefix ‘ULQ’ devices are rated for operation to -40°C.

ULN2803 Pinout

uln2803 datasheet pdf


1. TTL, DTL, PMOS, or CMOS Compatible Inputs

2. Output Current to 500 mA

3. Output Voltage to 95 V

4. Transient-Protected Outputs

5. Dual In-Line Package information or Wide-Body Small-Outline Package information

ULN2803 Datasheet PDF

ULN2803 pdf