TT2206 Replacement / Sanyo 1600V Transistor

TT2206 transistor is a used transistor for horizontal deflection output in color TV applications. This transistor is often used in TV chassis and deflection circuitry.

Part number : TT2206

Function : Vcbo=1600V, Ic=10A, Transistor

Package : TO-3P type

( Equivalent Sanyo 2SС5793 )

Manufactueres : Sanyo, Panasonic

TT2206 image datasheet


TT2206 transistor is an NPN type with specific characteristics suitable for horizontal deflection circuits. It can handle high voltage and current requirements for driving the horizontal deflection coil in a color TV.

TT2206 Replacement

1. Ultrahigh-Definition CRT Display Horizontal Deflection Output



0.  I(c) :  10A,   V(cbo) :  1600V

1. High speed.

2. High breakdown voltage (Vcbo=1600V, Vceo=800V, Ic=10A, Pc=65W ).

3. High reliability (Adoption of HVP process).

4. Adoption of MBIT process.


Sanyo TT2206 replacement

TT2206 Datasheet PDF

TT2206 replacement is 2SС5793, TT2202, JL6920, 2SC5446.

Reference Datasheet

Sanyo TT2202

Datasheet PDF Download

Sanyo 2SC5793, Toshiba  2SC5446.

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