TL082 Datasheet – JFET Dual Operation Amplifier

Part number : TL082, TL082CD, TL082ACP

Functions : General purpose JFET Dual Operation Amplifier

Package information : SO 8 Pin, DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics

Image :

TL082 JFET-input OP AMP

The texts in the PDF file :

The TL082, TL082A and TL082B are high speed JFET input dual operational amplifiers incorporating well-matched, high voltage JFET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit. The devices feature high slew rates, low input bias and offset current, and low offset voltage temperature coefficient.

These low–cost JFET input operational amplifiers combine two state–of–the–art linear technologies on a single monolithic integrated circuit. Each internally compensated operational amplifier has well matched high voltage JFET input devices for low input offset voltage. The BIFET technology provides wide bandwidths and fast slew rates with low input bias currents, input offset currents, and supply currents.


TL082 pinout datasheet

1. Input Offset Voltage Options of 6.0 mV and 15 mV Max
2. Low Input Bias Current: 30 pA
3. Low Input Offset Current: 5.0 pA
4. Wide Gain Bandwidth: 4.0 MHz
5. High Slew Rate: 13 V/µs
6. Low Supply Current: 1.4 mA per Amplifier


TL082 Datasheet PDF File