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Part number : TDA7340

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, AUDIO SIGNAL PROCESSOR.

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Manufacturer : ST Microelectronics

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TDA7340 Datasheet PDF

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® TDA7340 AUDIO SIGNAL PROCESSOR AUDIOPROCESSOR: MUTE, SOFT MUTE AND ZERO CROSSING MUTE ONE DIFFERENTIAL, TWO STEREO AND TWO MONO INPUTS DIFFERENTIAL PHONE INPUT VOLUME, BASS, TREBLE AND LOUDNESS CONTROL FOUR SPEAKER ATTENUATORS WITH INDEPENDENT ATTENUATION CONTROL STEREODECODER: ADJUSTMENT FREE INTEGRATED 456KHz VCO HIGH CUT CONTROL STEREO BLEND NOISE BLANKER: INTEGRATED HIGH-PASS FILTER NOISE RECTIFIER OUTPUT FOR QUALITY DETECTION PROGRAMMABLE TRIGGER THRESHOLD PAUSE DETECTOR: PROGRAMMABLE THRESHOLD ALLFUNCTIONS PROGRAMMABLEVIA I2C BUS DESCRIPTION The TDA7340 I2C bus controlled audio signal processor contains all signal processing blocks of a high performance car radio, including audioprocessor, stereodecoder, noise blanker, pause PQFP44 ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7340P detector and different mute functions. The use of BICMOS technology allows the implementation of several filter functions with switched capacitor techniques like fully integrated, adjustment free PLL Loop filter, pilot detector with integrator and two 19KHz notch filters. This minimizes the number of external components. Due to a highly linear signal processing, using CMOS-switching techniques instead of standard bipolar multipliers, very low distortion and very low noise are obtained also in the stereodecoder part. The audioprocessor contains several new features like softmute, zero-crossing mute and pause detector. Very low Dc stepping is obtained by use of a BICMOS technology. September 1999 1/16 TDA7340 AUDIO PROCESSOR PART FEATURES: Input Multiplexer: DIFFERENTIAL CD STEREO INPUT CASSETTE STEREO INPUT FM STEREO INPUT FROM STEREODECODER AM INPUT: MONO OR STEREO MODE (PROGRAMMABLE) BEEP INPUT (ONLY IN AM MONO MODE) TELEPHONE DIFFERENTIAL MONO INPUT GAIN PROGRAMMABLE IN 3 x 3.75dB STEPS Loudness: FULLY PROGRAMMABLE 15 x 1.25dB STEPS Volume Control: 1.25dB COARSE ATTENUATOR 0.31dB FINE ATTENUATORS MAX GAIN 20dB MAX ATTENUATION 59.7dB (PLUS LOUDNESS) Bass Control ±7 x 2dB STEPS 2nd ORDER SYMMETR [ … ]

TDA7340 PDF File

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