TCA780 PDF – Phase control IC

Part number : TCA780

Functions : Phase Control IC

Package : 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Siemens AG

Pinout :

TCA780 datasheet

Description :

This phase control IC is intended to control thyristors, triacs, and transistors. The trigger pulses can be shifted within a phase angle between 0 ˚ and 180 ˚. Typical applications include converter circuits, AC controllers and three-phase current controllers. TCA785 IC replaces the previous types TCA780 and TCA780 D.

Functional Product Information

The synchronization signal is obtained via a high-ohmic resistance from the line voltage (voltageV5). A zero voltage detector evaluates the zero passages and transfers them to the synchronization register.
This synchronization register controls a ramp generator, the capacitorC10of which is charged by a constant current (determined byR9). If the ramp voltageV10exceeds the control voltage V11(triggering angleϕ), a signal is processed to the logic. Dependent on the magnitude of the control voltageV11, the triggering angleϕcan be shifted within a phase angle of 0˚ to 180˚.

Pinouts :

TCA780 Datasheet PDF


1. Reliable recognition of zero passage
2. Large application scope
3. May be used as zero point switch
4. LSL compatible
5. Three-phase operation possible (3 ICs)
6. Output current 250 mA
7. Large ramp current range
8. Wide temperature range


Application Circuits :

TCA780 Datasheet PDF Download

TCA780 pdf
TCA780 Replace TCA785 : [ Infineon-TCA785-siemens.PDF ]

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