ME6211 Datasheet – CMOS LDO Voltage Regulator

This is LDO regulator.

Part number : ME6211

Functions : CMOS LDO Voltage Regulator

Package information :  SOT89-3, SOT23-5, DFN2*2-6L Type

Manufacturer : Mircone ( )


ME6211 regulator


The ME6211 series are highly accurate, low noise, CMOS LDO Voltage Regulators. Offering low output noise, high ripple rejection ratio, low dropout and very fast turn-on times, the ME6211 series is ideal for today’s cutting edge mobile phone. Internally the ME6211 includes a reference voltage source, error amplifiers, driver transistors, current limiters and phase compensators. The ME6211’s current limiters’ foldback circuit also operates as a short protect for the output current limiter and. the output pin.



1. Maximum Output Current : 500mA (VIN=4.3V,VOUT=3.3V)
2. Dropout Voltage : 100mV@ IOUT =100mA
3. Operating Voltage Range : 2V~6.0V
4. Highly Accuracy : ±2%
5. Low Power Consumption : 40uA(TYP.)
6. Standby Current : 0.1uA(TPY.)
7. High Ripple Rejection : 70dB@1KHz(ME6211C33)
8. Low output noise : 50uVrms
9. Line Regulation : 0.05%(TYP.)


ME6211 Pinout

ME6211 pinout datasheet


Typical Application

1. Mobile phones
2. Cordless phones, radio communication equipment
3. Portable games
4. Cameras, Video cameras
5. Reference voltage sources
6. Battery powered equipment


ME6211 Datasheet PDF



BA49183 – BA49183-V12 Regulator IC – Pioneer

This is one of the Regulator types.

Part number : BA49183

Functions : Regulator IC

Package : ZIP 12 Pin

Manufacturer : Pioneer

Image :
BA49183 image

Pinout and functions :

BA49183-V12 Datasheet PDF Pinout

BA49183-V12 Pinout regulator

Other data sheets within the file : BA49183-V12

BA49183 Datasheet PDF

BA49183 pdf