BA8206BA4 PDF – Remote Fan Controller

Part number : BA8206BA4

Functions : Remote Control Fan Controller

Manufacturer : BEC

Package information : DIP 16 Pin

Image :
BA8206BA4 controller


The BA8206BA4 remote control fan controller has been widely used in various series of fan remote control. However, the BA8206 BA4 can also be used in other aspects than fan remote control.

This paper introduces the application scheme of BA8206BA4 in PTC xenon fan and household integrated timing and speed controller, and gives the actual application circuit.


BA8206BA4 Datasheet PDF

BA8206BA4 pinout datasheet


1. Power supply voltage : -0.3V ~ 6V;
2. Input / output voltage : Vss-0.3 ~ VDD + 0.3V;
3. Power consumption: 500mW;
4. Working temperature : -10 ~ 70 ‘C
5. Storage temperature : -40 ~ 125 ‘C.