T3512H PDF – High Voltage Diodes

Part number : T3512H

Functions : High Voltage Diode Rectifier For Microwave Ovens

Manufacturer : SiPower

Image :
T3512H Image

Functions :

Type : 2CL3509H, Code :  T3509H
Type : 2CL3512H, Code :  T3512H

Rectification for high voltage power supply of magnetron in Micro wave oven and others

2CL3512H 2CL3509H


* I F (AV)       350mA
* V RRM  9kV ,12kV
* High reliability


Datasheet PDF

T3512H Datasheet PDF
T3512H pdf

Other data sheets within the file : 2CL3509H, 2CL3512H, T3509H

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