SX1503 Datasheet – 16 Channel Low Voltage GPIO

Part number : SX1503, SX1503I091TRT, SX1503I089TRT

Functions : 16 Channel Low Voltage GPIO

Package information :  TSSOP-28, 4x4mm QFN-UT-28 Type

Manufacturer : SEMTECH ( )


SX1503 16 Ch Voltage GPIO


The SX1501, SX1502 and SX1503 are complete ultra low voltage General Purpose parallel Input/Output (GPIO) expanders ideal for low power handheld battery powered equipment. They allow easy serial expansion of I/O through a standard I2C interface. GPIO devices can provide additional control and monitoring when the microcontroller or chipset has insufficient I/O ports, or in systems where serial communication and control from a remote location is advantageous.


1. 4/8/16 channel of I/Os
(1) True bi-directional style I/O
(2) Programmable Pull-up/Pull-down
(3) Push/Pull outputs
2. 1.2V to 5.5V independent operating voltage for all supply rails (VDDM, VCC1, VCC2)
3. 5.5V compatible I/Os, up to 24mA output sink (no total sink current limit)
4. Fully programmable logic functions (PLD)
5. 400kHz 2-wire I2C compatible slave interface
6. Open drain active low interrupt output (NINT)
(1) Bit maskable
(2) Programmable edge sensitivity


SX1503 pinout datasheet


1. Cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players
2. Digital camera
3. Portable multimedia player
4. Notebooks
5. GPS Units
6. Industrial, ATE
7. Any battery powered equipment

SX1503 Datasheet