STR-X6759N – Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulator

Part number : STR-X6759N

Functions : Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulator

Package : TO-3P 7 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Pakcage : TO-3P

Image :

STR-X6759N Image


▪Quasi-resonant topology IC : Low EMI noise and soft switching
▪Bottom-skip mode : Improved system efficiency over the entire output load by avoiding increase of switching frequency
▪Standby mode : Lowers input power at very light output load condition

Pinout :

STR-X6759N Datasheet PDF

Product Information

The STR-X6759N is a quasi-resonant topology IC designed for SMPS applications. It shows lower EMI noise characteristics than conventional PWM solutions, especially at greater than 2 MHz. It also provides a soft-switching mode to turn on the internal MOSFET at close to zero voltage (VDSbottom point) by use of the resonant characteristic of primary inductance and a resonant capacitor.

The package is a fully molded TO-3P, which contains the controller chip (MIC) and MOSFET, enabling output power up to 280 W at 120 VAC input. The bottom-skip
mode skips the first bottom of VDS and turns on the MOSFET at the second bottom point, to minimize an increase of operating frequency at light output  load, improving systemlevel efficiency over the entire load range

STR-X6759N Datasheet PDF Download

STR-X6759 pdf


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