What is UG2C?

This is Glass Passivated Junction Ultra Fast Rectifiers.

Fast switching diodes have a low reverse recovery time, which means that they can quickly switch from the forward bias state to the reverse bias state and vice versa.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the UG2C datasheet provided at this page.

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The low reverse recovery time of fast switching diodes makes them ideal for use in high-frequency applications such as switching power supplies, pulse generators, and radio frequency (RF) circuits. These diodes are widely used in electronic circuits due to their fast switching times, low forward voltage drop, and high reliability.

Manufacturers : LRC

LRC - UG2C Datasheet PDF


Glass Passivated Junction Ultra Fast Rectifiers

Datasheet UG2C PDF DownLoad ( LRC )

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UUG2C101MNJ1MS - Nichicon Corporation

CAP ALUM 100UF 20% 160V SMD

Stock: 56

50 units: 1.6298 USD each
10 units: 1.774 USD each
1 units: 2.31 USD each

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UG2C-E3/54 - Vishay Intertechnologies

Rectifiers 150 Volt 2.0A 15ns 80 Amp IFSM

Stock: 0

1 units: 0.41 USD each
10 units: 0.363 USD each
100 units: 0.28 USD each
500 units: 0.236 USD each

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1-1703061-2 - TE Connectivity

Pin & Socket Connectors PLUG, 2 CIRCUIT , UNIVERSAL MATE-N-LOK

Stock: 1500

1500 units: 0.227 USD each
51000 units: 0.216 USD each

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UUG2C470MNQ1MS - Nichicon Corporation

Cap Alu SMD 47uF 20% 160V 85C 2000hrs 370mA 12.5x16 Auto (Alt: UUG2C470MNQ1MS)

Download: UUG2C470MNQ1MS.pdf

Stock: 0

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UG2C-E3/73 - Vishay Intertechnologies

2A,150V,15NS,UF RECT - Ammo Pack (Alt: UG2C-E3/73)

Download: UG2C-E3/73.pdf

Stock: 0

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Datasheet Download (PDF)