What is MSM66V84B?

This is 4194304-word x 1-bit Serial Register.

In computing, a register is a small amount of fast storage within a CPU (central processing unit) that holds temporary data during processing. Registers are located on the CPU chip and are the fastest form of memory available to the processor

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the MSM66V84B datasheet provided at this page.

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There are several types of registers in a CPU, including: General-purpose registers: These registers can be used for storing any type of data and are often used for arithmetic operations. Control registers: These registers control various aspects of the CPU operation, such as interrupt handling and memory management. Status registers: These registers hold information about the status of the CPU, such as whether a particular instruction has been executed.

Manufacturers : OKI electronic componets

OKI - MSM66V84B Datasheet PDF


4194304-word x 1-bit Serial Register

Datasheet MSM66V84B PDF DownLoad ( OKI )

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