What is MD8286?

This is (MD8286 / MD8287) Octal Bus Transceiver.

A bus driver/receiver is a digital circuit that is commonly used in computer and electronic systems to transmit data signals over a shared bus. The bus is a communication channel that connects multiple devices or components within a system, allowing them to share data and communicate with each other.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the MD8286 datasheet provided at this page.

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The bus driver typically uses a low-impedance output stage to drive the data signals onto the bus, ensuring that they are strong enough to travel the length of the bus and reach all of the connected devices. The bus receiver uses a high-impedance input stage to receive the signals from the bus, ensuring that it does not load the bus or interfere with other devices connected to it.

Manufacturers : Intel

INTEL - MD8286 Datasheet PDF


(MD8286 / MD8287) Octal Bus Transceiver

Datasheet MD8286 PDF DownLoad ( INTEL )

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Bus Transceiver, Single, 8 Bit, 20 Pin, Ceramic, DIP

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