What is G2995?

This is DDR Termination Regulator.

Regulators are electronic circuits or devices that are used to control and maintain a constant output voltage or current level regardless of changes in the input voltage or load. They are commonly used in power supply circuits to ensure that the voltage or current supplied to a load remains stable, regardless of fluctuations in the input voltage or changes in the load.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the G2995 datasheet provided at this page.

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Linear regulators operate by continuously varying the resistance of a pass transistor to maintain a constant output voltage. They are often used in low-power applications and where the output voltage needs to be very stable. Switching regulators, on the other hand, use a switching transistor that rapidly switches the input voltage on and off to maintain a constant output voltage. These regulators are more efficient than linear regulators, especially in high-power applications, but can be more complex to design and require additional components such as inductors and capacitors.

Manufacturers : Global Mixed-mode Technology

GMMT - G2995 Datasheet PDF


DDR Termination Regulator

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