What is 1.5KA6.8?

This is Automotive Transient Voltage Suppressors.

A Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diode is a type of semiconductor device that is specifically designed to protect electronic circuits from voltage spikes, also known as transients. These transients can occur due to a variety of reasons such as switching events in the power supply, electrical noise, and electrostatic discharge (ESD). TVS diodes are typically connected in parallel with the circuit that needs protection, and when a voltage spike occurs, the TVS diode conducts, thereby diverting the surge current away from the protected circuit.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the 1.5KA6.8 datasheet provided at this page.

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Once the voltage spike has subsided, the TVS diode returns to its non-conducting state, allowing normal circuit operation to resume. TVS diodes are available in a range of breakdown voltages and are selected based on the maximum voltage spike that the protected circuit is expected to encounter.

Manufacturers : Vishay Siliconix

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Automotive Transient Voltage Suppressors

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