SS24 Diode – 2A, 40V, Schottky Rectifier

Schottky Barrier Rectifier is a semiconductor diode primarily used as a high-speed rectifier. It features a special junction called a Schottky barrier, providing fast response speed and low voltage drop characteristics.

1. Unlike common pn junction diodes, Schottky barrier diodes form a junction between a metal and a semiconductor. This junction provides low threshold voltage and fast switching characteristics, which are key advantages as a high-speed rectifier.

2. Voltage drop is relatively low. This minimizes power loss and enables efficient energy conversion.

3. Schottky barrier diodes have a fast response speed and are suitable for high-frequency signal processing. This enables accurate and fast operation in fast switching applications.

4. The Schottky barrier diode has low noise characteristics, enabling accurate signal processing even with small signals.

Part number : SS24, SS22, SS23, SS25, SS26, SS28, SS29, SS210

Functions : 2A, 40V, Schottky Rectifier

Package information : SMB, SMD Type

Manufacturer : WON-TOP, ON Semiconductor


SS24 diode


SS24 Diode is commonly used as a fast repetitive rectifier. A diode is a semiconductor device that has bidirectional current transmission characteristics and is mainly used to control the unidirectional flow of current.

1. It has fast switching speed and low recovery time. These characteristics enable accurate and fast operation in high-frequency signals or fast switching applications.

2. It has low voltage drop characteristics, which can minimize voltage drop and reduce power loss. This contributes to efficient energy conversion.

3. It has a high current rating and can handle large amounts of current. It is suitable for use in high power applications.



1. Low Forward Voltage

2. Epitaxial Construction with Oxide Passivation

3. Guard Ring for Transient and ESD Protection

4. Surge Overload Rating to 50A Peak

5. Low Power Loss

6. Fast Switching

7. Ideally Suited for Use in High Frequency SMPS, Inverters and As Free Wheeling Diodes



Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

SS24 rectifier

Mechanical Data

1. Case: SMB/DO-214AA, Molded Plastic

2. Terminals: Solder Plated, Solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026

3.  Polarity: Cathode Band or Cathode Notch

4. Marking: Type Number

5. Weight: 0.093 grams (approx.)



It has superfast characteristics and low voltage drop, so it is widely used in high-frequency signal processing and fast switching.


SS24 Datasheet PDF


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