SEM2005 Inverter Driver ( Protection Pin )

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Part Number: SEM2005

Functions: Halfbridge Inverter Driver IC

Package: 16-pin SO Pin Type

Manufacturer: Samsung


SEM2005 datasheet samsung


The SEM2005 is Halfbridge Inverter Driver IC for LED, LCD TV.

These ICs are specifically designed to drive the high-side and low-side switches in a half-bridge configuration, which is commonly used in power electronics applications like motor drives, inverters, and switching power supplies.

Some popular half-bridge inverter driver ICs include:

IR2101: This is a high- and low-side driver IC manufactured by Infineon Technologies. It provides independent control of the high-side and low-side MOSFETs or IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration.

IRS2001: This is another half-bridge driver IC from Infineon. It offers protection features such as shoot-through prevention and overcurrent protection, along with integrated dead-time control.

HIP4081A: This driver IC from Intersil Corporation is designed for driving the high-side and low-side MOSFETs in half-bridge or full-bridge configurations. It includes built-in dead-time control and protection features.

FAN7388: Manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor (now part of ON Semiconductor), the FAN7388 is a high-side and low-side driver IC suitable for half-bridge or full-bridge topologies. It provides features such as shoot-through protection and programmable dead-time control.


SEM2005 Protection Pin

SEM2005 protection pin

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1. High Frequency Voltage Mode PWM Control

2. Latched Mode Protection

3. Totem Pole Output

4. Easy Burst Dimming Control

5. Variable Protection Fuction

Pinout and block diagram

SEM2005 pinout block diagram



SEM2005_Samsung datasheet pdf

SEM2005 Datasheet File

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