RT8885A – Power Management PWM Controller

Part number : RT8885A, RT8885AZQW

Function : Dual Output 3-Phase + 2-Phase PWM Controller

Package : 56-Lead WQFN Package

Manufacturer : Richtek


The RT8885A is a dual output 3-phase + 2-phase PWM controller with 3 integrated MOSFET gate drivers and a single SVID interface for CPU and GPU core power supply. This part complies with Intel VR12/IMVP7 Pulse Width Modulation Specification. The RT8885A adopts G-NAVP (Green-Native AVP), which is a Richtek proprietary topology derived from finite DC gain compensator in constant on-time control mode. G-NAVP makes this part an easy-setting PWM controller to meet all Intel mobile CPU/GPU AVP (Active Voltage Positioning) requirements. The RT8885A uses SVID interface to control an internal 8-bit DAC for output voltage programming. The built-in high accuracy DAC converts the VID code to a reference voltage ranging from 0V to 1.52V with 5mV step voltage. The system accuracy of the controller reaches 0.8%. Each output channel of the RT8885A can operate in multi-phase continuous conduction mode or in single-phase diode emulation mode to reach a maximum of 90% efficiency in different load conditions.

RT8885A PWM Controller


1. Dual Output : 3-Phase (CORE) + 2-Phase (GFX)
2. Integrated MOSFET Drivers : 2 (CORE) + 1 (GFX)
3. VR12/IMVP7 PWM Specification Compliant
4. Serial VID Interface
5. G-NAVPTM Topology
6. Fast Line/Load Transient Response
7. Quick Response for Load Transient
8. 0.5% DAC Accuracy
9. 0.8% System Accuracy
10. Accurate Current Balance
11. Selectable Droop Function
12. Selectable Forced DEM Operation
13. Built-in ADC for Platform Programming
14. Power Good Indicator
15. Current Monitor Output
16. Thermal Monitor

RT8885A datasheet pinout


1. IMVP7 Intel CPU/CPU Core Power Supply
2. Laptop Computer
3. AVP Step-Down Converter

Official Homepage : https://www.richtek.com/

RT8885A Datasheet