PJSR05 Datasheet – Low Capacitance TVS and Diode Array

Part number : PJSR05

Function : Low Capacitance TVS and Diode Array

Package : SOT143 pin Type

Manufacturer : Panjit


PJSR05 diode array


The PJSR05 diode array is configured to protect up to two data transmission lines acting as a line terminator, minimizing overshoot and undershoot conditions due to bus impedance as well as protect against over-voltage events as electrostatic discharges. Additionaly the TVS Device offers overvoltage transient protection between the operating voltage bus and ground plane.



PJSR05 pinout datasheet


1. Peak Power Dissipation of 350W 8/20μs
2. Maximum Capacitance of 5.0pF at 0Vdc 1MHz Line-to-Ground
3. Maximum Leakage Current of 1μA @ VRWM
4. Industry Standard SMT Package SOT143
5. IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-4 and IEC61000-4-5 Full Compliance
6. 100% Tin Matte finish (LEAD-FREE PRODUCT)


1. USB 2.0 and Firewire Port Protection
2. LAN/WLAN Access Point terminals
3. Video Signal line protection
4. I2C Bus Protection

PJSR05 Datasheet