What is DD350N?

This is Rectifier Diode Module.

A fast rectifier is an electronic component used in rectifier circuits to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) with high efficiency and low voltage drop. Fast rectifiers are designed to have a low reverse recovery time, which means they can switch from conducting in the forward direction to blocking in the reverse direction very quickly.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the DD350N datasheet provided at this page.

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Netz Dioden Modul Rectifier Diode Module Datenblatt Data sheet DD350N Key Parameters VDRM VRRM ITAVM ITSM VT0 rT RthJC Base plate 1800 V 350 A TC 100 C 13000 A 0 75 V 0 4 m 0 124 K W 50 mm For type designation please refer to actual short form catalog http www ifbip com catalog Merkmale Druckkontakt Technologie f r hohe Zuverl ssigkeit Advanced Medium Power Technology AMPT Industrie Standard Geh use Elektrisch isolierte Bodenplatte Features Pressure contact technology for high reliability Advanced Medium Power Technology AMPT Industrial standard package Electrically insulated base plate Typische Anwendungen Gleichrichter f r Antriebsapplikationen Kurzschlie er Applikationen Gleichrichter f r UPS Batterieladegleichrichter Typical Applications Rectifier for drives applications Crowbar applications Rectifiers for UBS Battery chargers content of customer DMX code serial number SAP material number Internal production order number datecode production year datecode production week DMX code digit 1 5 6 12 13 20 21 22 23 24 DMX code digit quantity 5 7 8 2 2 12 Date of Publication 2014 02 17 Revision 3 1 3 www ifbip com support infineon bip com Seite page 1 10

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Conventional rectifiers, such as standard diodes, have a relatively slow reverse recovery time, which can lead to significant power losses and reduced efficiency in high-frequency applications. In contrast, fast rectifiers are optimized for high-speed operation and can handle rapid changes in current and voltage with minimal losses. They are available in various package types and current ratings to suit different requirements, and can be made from various semiconductor materials, such as silicon or gallium arsenide.

Manufacturers : Infineon

INFINEON - DD350N Datasheet PDF


Rectifier Diode Module

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