What is KSZ8081RNB?

This is 10Base-T/100Base-TX Physical Layer Transceiver.

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KSZ8081MNX KSZ8081RNB 10Base T 100Base TX Physical Layer Transceiver Revision 1 4 General Description The KSZ8081 is a single supply 10Base T 100Base TX Ethernet physical layer transceiver for transmission and reception of data over standard CAT 5 unshielded twisted pair UTP cable The KSZ8081 is a highly integrated PHY solution It reduces board cost and simplifies board layout by using on chip termination resistors for the differential pairs and by integrating a low noise regulator to supply the 1 2V core The KSZ8081MNX offers the Media Independent Interface MII and the KSZ8081RNB offers the Reduced Media Independent Interface RMII for direct connection with MII RMII compliant Ethernet MAC processors and switches A 25MHz crystal is used to generate all required clocks including the 50MHz RMII reference clock output for the KSZ8081RNB The KSZ8081 provides diagnostic features to facilitate system bring up and debugging in production testing and in product deployment Parametric NAND tree support enables fault detection between KSZ8081 I Os and the board Micrel LinkMD TDR based cable diagnostics identify faulty copper cabling The KSZ8081MNX and KSZ8081RNB are available in 32pin lead free QFN packages see Ordering Information Datasheets

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Manufacturers : Micrel Semiconductor

MICREL - KSZ8081RNB Datasheet PDF


10Base-T/100Base-TX Physical Layer Transceiver

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