What is BAV21W?

This is Surface mount switching diode.

A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts electrical current in only one direction, and acts as a barrier to current flow in the opposite direction. It is a type of semiconductor device that is widely used in electronic circuits for a variety of purposes, including rectification, voltage regulation, and signal processing.

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Production specification Surface mount switching diode BAV19W BAV20W BAV21W FEATURES z Fast Switching Speed z Surface Mount Package Ideally Suited For Pb Lead free Automatic Insertion z For General Purpose Switching Applications APPLICATIONS z Surface mount fast switching diode ORDERING INFORMATION Type No Marking BAV19W BAV20W BAV21W A8 T2 T3 SOD 123 Package Code SOD 123 SOD 123 SOD 123 MAXIMUM RATING Ta 25 unless otherwise specified Characteristic Non Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Reverse Voltage RMS Reverse Voltage Average Rectified Output Current Non Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current t 1 0 s t 1 0 s Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Air Operating and Storage Temperature Rage Symbol VRM VRRM VRWM VR VR RMS Io IFSM Pd R JA Tj TSTG BAV19W BAV20W BAV21W Unit 120 200 250 V 100 150 200 V 71 106 141 V 200 mA 2 5 0 5 250 500 65 to 150 A mW W A010 Rev A www gmicroelec com 1 Production specification Surface mount switching diode BAV19W BAV20W BAV21W ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ta 25 unless otherwise specified Characteristic Reverse Breakdown Voltage BAV19W BAV20W BAV21W Maximum Forward Voltage Reverse Current BA

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In its simplest form, a diode consists of a single p-n junction, which is created by doping a semiconductor material with impurities to produce two regions with different electrical properties. When a forward voltage is applied to the diode, current flows easily in the forward direction, but is blocked in the reverse direction.

Manufacturers : Galaxy Microelectronics

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Surface mount switching diode

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