What is IR3581?

This is Dual Output Digital Multi-Phase Controller.

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Datasheet Product Brief IR3581 Dual Outpu t Digital Multi Phase Controller FEATURES Ultra Low Quiescent Power Dual output 6 1 phase PWM Controller Intel VR12 VR12 5 Memory VR modes Overclocking Gaming Modes PVI GPU VR mode Switching frequency from 194kHz to 2MHz per phase in 56 steps IR Efficiency Shaping Features including Variable Gate Drive Dynamic Phase Control and Automatic Power State Switching Programmable 1 phase or 2 phase operation for Light Loads and Active Diode Emulation for Very Light Loads IR Adaptive Transient Algorithm ATA on both loops minimizes output bulk capacitors and system cost Auto Phase Detection with PID Coefficient autoscaling Fault Protection OVP UVP OCP OTP CAT FLT I2C SMBus PMBus system interface for reporting of Temperature Voltage Current Power telemetry for both loops Multiple Time Programming MTP with integrated charge pump for easy non volatile programming Compatible with 3 3V tri state drivers and IR ATL mode drivers 3 3V supply voltage 40oC to 85oC ambient operation Pb Free RoHS 6x6mm 48 pin 0 4mm pitch QFN APPLICATIONS Intel VR12 and VR12 5 based systems Servers and High End Desktop CPU VRs High Performance Graphics

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Manufacturers : International Rectifier

IR - IR3581 Datasheet PDF


Dual Output Digital Multi-Phase Controller

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   Vishay F1740-327-3581 Capacitor

   Suppression/ (Bi-polar) Capacitors Class X1Y2 AC 275V/250V


   [ Vishay Siliconix ]

   Vishay F1740-333-3581 Capacitor

   Suppression/ (Bi-polar) Capacitors Class X1Y2 AC 275V/250V


   [ Vishay Siliconix ]

   Vishay F1740-347-3581 Capacitor

   Suppression/ (Bi-polar) Capacitors Class X1Y2 AC 275V/250V


   [ Vishay Siliconix ]


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