What is LS4448?

This is Small Signal SMD Switching Diodes.

A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts electrical current in only one direction, and acts as a barrier to current flow in the opposite direction.

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LS4148 LS4448 LS4148 LS4448 Small Signal SMD Switching Diodes Ultraschnelle SMD Kleinsignaldioden IFAV 150 300 mA VRRM 50 100 V VF 1 0 V IFSM 2000 4000 mA Tjmax 200 C trr 4 ns Version 2015 10 27 SOD 80C Glass Quadro MiniMELF Typical Applications Signal processing High speed switching Commercial grade 1 Typische Anwendungen Signalverarbeitung Schnelles Schalten Standardausf hrung 1 Features Quadro glass body Very high switching speed Low junction capacitance Low leakage current Compliant to RoHS REACH Conflict Minerals 1 WEEE Besonderheiten Quadro Geh usek rper Extrem schnelles Schalten Niedrige Sperrschichtkapazit t Niedriger Sperrstrom RoHS Pb Konform zu RoHS REACH Konfliktmineralien 1 3 5 0 1 Type Typ 0 3 0 3 ELV Mechanical Data 1 Mechanische Daten 1 Taped and reeled 2500 7 Gegurtet auf Rolle Dimensions Ma e mm Weight approx Solder assembly conditions 0 04 g 260 C 10s Gewicht ca L t und Einbaubedingungen MSL 1 Maximum ratings TA 25 C Power dissipation Verlustleistung Max average forward current Dauergrenzstrom dc Repetitive peak forward current Periodischer Spitzenstrom Non repetitive peak forward surge current Sto strom Grenzwert Reverse voltag

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The voltage at which the diode begins to conduct is known as the "forward threshold voltage," and is typically around 0.7 volts for a standard silicon diode. They are also used as protective devices in electronic circuits, to protect sensitive components from overvoltage or reverse voltage.

Manufacturers : Diotec Semiconductor

DIOTEC - LS4448 Datasheet PDF


Small Signal SMD Switching Diodes

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   Vishay LS4448

   Diode : Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes


   [ Vishay Telefunken ]

   Taiwan LS4448

   Diode : 500mW High Speed SMD Switching Diode


   [ Taiwan Semiconductor ]

   Cdil LS4448



   [ CDIL ]

   Secos LS4448

   Diode : 500 mW Hermetically Sealed Glass Fast Switching Diodes


   [ SeCoS ]

   Multicomp LS4448

   Diode : Fast Switching Diodes


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   Semtech LL4448 Diode

   Silicon Expitaxial Planar Diodebb


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   Slet LL4448 Diode



   [ Shanghai Lunsure Electronic Tech ]

   Formosa LL4448 Data

   Silicon epitaxial planar type


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