What is ADP2503?

This is DC-to-DC Converters.

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Data Sheet 600 mA 1000 mA 2 5 MHz Buck Boost DC to DC Converters ADP2503 ADP2504 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1 mm height profile Compact PCB footprint Seamless transition between modes 38 A typical quiescent current 2 5 MHz operation enables 1 5 H inductor Input voltage 2 3 V to 5 5 V Fixed output voltage 2 8 V to 5 0 V Adjustable model output voltage range 2 8 V to 5 5 V 600 mA ADP2503 and 1000 mA ADP2504 output options Boost converter configuration with load disconnect SYNC pin with three different modes Power save mode PSM for improved light load efficiency Forced fixed frequency operation mode Synchronization with external clock Internal compensation Soft start Enable shutdown logic input Overtemperature protection Short circuit protection Undervoltage lockout protection Small 10 lead 3 mm 3 mm LFCSP QFN package Supported by ADIsimPower design tool APPLICATIONS Wireless handsets Digital cameras portable audio players Miniature hard disk power supplies USB powered devices The ADP2503 ADP2504 are high efficiency low quiescent current step up step down dc to dc converters that can operate at input voltages greater than less than or equal to the regulated output voltage The power switches and synchronous rectifiers are internal

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Manufacturers : Analog Devices

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DC-to-DC Converters

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   Converter : DC-to-DC Converters


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   Avx TPSE336x0250300 Data

   Low ESR


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   Avx TPSD336x0250300 Data

   Low ESR


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   Avx TPSD226x0250300 Data

   Low ESR


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