What is RT9173B?

This is 2A Bus Termination Regulator.

A bus driver/receiver is a digital circuit that is commonly used in computer and electronic systems to transmit data signals over a shared bus. The bus is a communication channel that connects multiple devices or components within a system, allowing them to share data and communicate with each other.

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RT9173B 2A Bus Termination Regulator General Description The RT9173B regulator is designed to convert voltage supplies ranging from 1 7V to 6V into a desired output voltage of which adjusted by two external voltage divider resistors The regulator is capable of sourcing or sinking up to 2A of current while regulating an output voltage to within 40mV The RT9173B used in conjunction with series termination resistors provides an excellent voltage source for active termination schemes of high speed transmission lines as those seen in high speed memory buses and distributed backplane designs The voltage output of the regulator can be used as a termination voltage for DDR SDRAM Current limits in both sourcing and sinking mode plus onchip thermal shutdown make the circuit tolerant of the output fault conditions The RT9173B are available in the popular 5 lead TO 252 and fused SOP 8 the multiple VCNTL pins on the SOP 8 package are internally connected but lowest thermal resistance surface mount packages Ordering Information RT9173B Package Type S SOP 8 L5 TO 252 5 Note Lead Plating System P Pb Free G Green Halogen Free and Pb Free Richtek products are RoHS compliant and compatible with the current require ments of IPC JEDEC J STD 020

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The bus driver typically uses a low-impedance output stage to drive the data signals onto the bus, ensuring that they are strong enough to travel the length of the bus and reach all of the connected devices. The bus receiver uses a high-impedance input stage to receive the signals from the bus, ensuring that it does not load the bus or interfere with other devices connected to it.

Manufacturers : Richtek

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2A Bus Termination Regulator

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   Richtek RT9173C

   Regulator : 2A Sink/Source Bus Termination Regulator


   [ Richtek Technology Corporation ]

   Etc RT9173AACM5



   [ ETC ]

   Richtek RT9173A

   Regulator : 1.5A/3A Bus Termination Regulator


   [ Richtek Technology Corporation ]

   Idt IDT9173B Data



   [ IDT ]


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