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SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA KIA6043S BIPOLAR LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT FM STEREO MULTIPLEX FOR AUDIO The KIA6043S is PLL FM stereo multiplex IC It is suitable for automotive applications and portable radio applications because of space merit by the package and wide supply voltage range A 19 B G LH FEATURES Excellent Pilot Lamp Sensitivity VL ON 9mVrms Typ Suitable for LED Driving ILAMP 20mA Max Recommendable Input Voltage Range VIN 200 700mVrms Operating Supply Voltage Range VCC 3 5 12V Excellent Channel Separation Sep 45dB Typ Low Distortion THD 0 08 Typ at VIN 200mVrms Stereo VCO Stop Capability The VCO is stopped when the pin is connected with the power supply line and then the stereo indicator is turn off Easy Adjustment The monitored free running frequency of VCO is 38kHz at pin P dD T DIM A B D d G H L P T MILLIMETERS 22 48 _ 0 2 3 2 _ 0 2 1 2 _ 0 25 0 5 _ 0 1 1 95 _ 0 2 7 7 _ 0 3 3 2 _ 0 3 2 54 0 25 0 1 0 05 SIP 9 MAXIMUM RATINGS Ta 25 CHARACTERISTIC SYMBOL RATING Supply Voltage VCC 12 Lamp Voltage VLAMP 16 Lamp Current ILAMP 20 Power Dissipation Note PD 500 Operating Temperature Topr 30 75 Storage Temperature Tstg 55 150 Note Derated above Ta 25 in the Proportion of 4mW

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Manufacturers : KEC

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