What is IML8683?

This is Three Terminal Current Controller.

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iML8683 Three Terminal Current Controller General Description The iML8683 is a Three Terminal Current Controller TTCC for regulating the current flowing through an LED string The application of the iML8683 is configured in parallel with an LED string The iML8683 can work as voltage controlled current source current regulator or cut off It is suitable for the applications adopting periodical AC voltage source The PCB layout is also very flexible to meet various shape requirements It is especially suitable for replacing incandescent light bulb and linear type fluorescent lamp Features System All solid state components No electrolytic capacitor required Compact size to minimize mechanical cost Driver on board and chip on board available which minimize process flow and assembly cost High PF and Low THD performance High efficiency achieved Flexible PCB layout style Wide range of LED forward voltage selection Distributed heat to several chips TRIAC dimmable Chip 88V input sustaining voltage 3V dropout voltage for up to 150mA regulating current Typical Application Circuit VAC BD U1 iML8683 Applications AC LED lighting engine LED light bulb LED1 LED light tube LED down light and ceiling lig

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Manufacturers : IML

IML - IML8683 Datasheet PDF


Three Terminal Current Controller

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