What is L6699?

This is Enhanced high voltage resonant controller.

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L6699 Enhanced high voltage resonant controller Features Symmetrical duty cycle variable frequency control of resonant half bridge Self adjusting adaptive deadtime High accuracy oscillator 2 level OCP frequency shift and immediate shutdown Interface with PFC controller Anti capacitive mode protection Burst mode operation at light load Input for brownout protection or power on off sequencing Safe start procedure prevents hard switching at startup 600 V rail compatible high side gate driver with integrated bootstrap diode and high dv dt immunity 300 800 mA high side and low side gate drivers with UVLO pull down SO16N package Datasheet production data 3 Applications SMPS for LCD TVs desktop and AIO PCs servers Telecom power AC DC adapter open frame SMPS Table 1 Device summary Order codes Package L6699D L6699DTR SO16N Packing Tube Tape and reel Figure 1 Block diagram 9FF 6 67 5 P LQ V V 6 9 9 89 2 6 4 5 6 67 1 9 IP LQ 9 21752 2 3 7 9 02 7 7 21 6 9 2 67 57 83 6 1 5 21286 227675 3 2 89 7 7 21 89 2 6 16 1 5 9 1 2 7 37 9 7 0 9 5 9

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Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

STM - L6699 Datasheet PDF


Enhanced high voltage resonant controller

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