What is BYP401?

This is Diode, Rectifier.

A fast rectifier is an electronic component used in rectifier circuits to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) with high efficiency and low voltage drop. Fast rectifiers are designed to have a low reverse recovery time, which means they can switch from conducting in the forward direction to blocking in the reverse direction very quickly.

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Conventional rectifiers, such as standard diodes, have a relatively slow reverse recovery time, which can lead to significant power losses and reduced efficiency in high-frequency applications. In contrast, fast rectifiers are optimized for high-speed operation and can handle rapid changes in current and voltage with minimal losses. They are available in various package types and current ratings to suit different requirements, and can be made from various semiconductor materials, such as silicon or gallium arsenide.

Manufacturers : UNITRA

UNITRA - BYP401 Datasheet PDF


Diode, Rectifier

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