What is HD74HC1G86?

This is 2-input Exclusive-OR Gate.

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HD74HC1G86 2 input Exclusive OR Gate ADE 205 300B Z 3rd Edition April 2001 Description The HD74HC1G86 is high speed CMOS two input exclusive OR gate using silicon gate CMOS process With CMOS low power dissipation it provides high speed equivalent to LS TTL series The internal circuit of three stages construction with buffer provides wide noise margin and stable output Features The basic gate function is lined up as hitachi uni logic series Supplied on emboss taping for high speed automatic mounting Electrical characteristics equivalent to the HD74HC86 Supply voltage range 2 to 6 V Operating temperature range 40 to 85 C IOH IOL 2 mA min Outline and Article Indication HD74HC1G86 Index band Marking H8 CMPAK 5 Control code or blank HD74HC1G86 Function Table Inputs A L L H H H High level L Low level Pin Arrangement B L H L H Output Y L H H L IN B 1 IN A 2 GND 3 5 VCC 4 OUT Y Top view 2 HD74HC1G86 Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Symbol Ratings Unit Test Conditions Supply voltage range VCC Input voltage range 1 VI Output voltage range 1 2 VO Input clamp current I IK Output clamp current I OK Continuous output current IO Continuous current through ICC or IGND VCC or GND

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Manufacturers : Hitachi Semiconductor

HITACHI - HD74HC1G86 Datasheet PDF


2-input Exclusive-OR Gate

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   Philips 74HC1G86 Gate

   2-input EXCLUSIVE-OR gate


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