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An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is an electronic device that converts continuous analog signals into discrete digital signals. Analog signals are continuous signals that vary smoothly over time, while digital signals are discrete signals that are represented by a sequence of discrete values.

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PD 94448E AFL12003R3S 120V Input 3 3V Output HYBRID HIGH RELIABILITY DC DC CONVERTER Description The AFL Series of DC DC converters feature high power density with no derating over the full military temperature range This series is offered as part of a complete family of converters providing single and dual output voltages and operating from nominal 28V or 270V inputs with output power ranging from 66W to 120W For applications requiring higher output power multiple converters can be operated in parallel The internal current sharing circuits assure equal current distribution among the paralleled converters This series incorporates International Rectifier s proprietary magnetic pulse feedback technology providing optimum dynamic line and load regulation response This feedback system samples the output voltage at the pulse width modulator fixed clock frequency nominally 550KHz Multiple converters can be synchronized to a system clock in the 500KHz to 700KHz range or to the synchronization output of one converter Under voltage lockout primary and secondary referenced inhibit soft start and load fault protection are provided on all models These converters are hermetically packaged in two enclosure variations utilizing copper core pins to minim

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Here are several types of ADCs, including: Successive approximation ADCs - these are the most common type of ADC and use a binary search algorithm to determine the digital value of the input signal. Flash ADCs - these are the fastest type of ADC, but also the most expensive, as they use a large number of comparators to simultaneously convert the input signal. Delta-sigma ADCs - these are high-resolution ADCs that use oversampling and noise-shaping techniques to achieve high accuracy.

Manufacturers : International Rectifier

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