What is AD5696?

This is (AD5694 / AD5696) 16-/12-Bit nanoDAC+.

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Data Sheet FEATURES High relative accuracy INL 2 LSB maximum at 16 bits Tiny package 3 mm 3 mm 16 lead LFCSP Total unadjusted error TUE 0 1 of FSR maximum Quad 16 12 Bit nanoDAC with I2C Interface AD5696 AD5694 FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VDD GND VREF AD5696 AD5694 VLOGIC INPUT REGISTER INTERFACE LOGIC Offset error 1 5 mV maximum Gain error 0 1 of FSR maximum High drive capability 20 mA 0 5 V from supply rails User selectable gain of 1 or 2 GAIN pin Reset to zero scale or midscale RSTSEL pin 1 8 V logic compatibility 400 kHz I2C compatible serial interface 4 I2C addresses available Low glitch 0 5 nV sec Robust 3 5 kV HBM and 1 5 kV FICDM ESD rating Low power 1 8 mW at 3 V 2 7 V to 5 5 V power supply 40 C to 105 C temperature range DAC REGISTER STRING DAC A BUFFER VOUTA SCL INPUT REGISTER DAC REGISTER STRING DAC B SDA VOUTB BUFFER A1 INPUT REGISTER DAC REGISTER STRING DAC C BUFFER VOUTC A0 INPUT REGISTER DAC REGISTER POWER ON RESET STRING DAC D BUFFER GAIN 1 2 POWERDOWN LOGIC VOUTD LDAC RESET RSTSEL GAIN Figure 1 APPLICATIONS Digital gain and offset adjustment Programmable attenuators Process control PLC I O cards Industrial automation Data acquisition systems GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD5696

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Manufacturers : Analog Devices

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(AD5694 / AD5696) 16-/12-Bit nanoDAC+

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