What is IRF6785MTRPBF?

This is Digital Audio MOSFET.

An audio power amplifier is an electronic device that amplifies low-power audio signals to a higher power level, suitable for driving speakers or other types of loads. The amplifier takes an input signal, typically from a preamplifier or a mixer, and increases its power to drive the loudspeakers, without distorting the sound. The choice of amplifier class depends on the application and the requirements of the system.

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DIGITAL AUDIO MOSFET PD 97282 IRF6785MTRPbF Key Parameters 200 VGS 10V 85 26 3 0 V m nC VDS Latest MOSFET Silicon technology Key parameters optimized for Class D audio amplifier RDS on typ applications Qg typ Low RDS on for improved efficiency Low Qg for better THD and improved efficiency RG int max Low Qrr for better THD and lower EMI Low package stray inductance for reduced ringing and lower EMI Can deliver up to 250W per channel into 8 Load in Half Bridge Configuration Amplifier Dual sided cooling compatible Compatible with existing surface mount technologies RoHS compliant containing no lead or bromide MZ Lead Free Qualified up to 260 C Reflow Applicable DirectFET Outline and Substrate Outline see p 6 7 for details SQ SX ST SH MQ MX MT MN Features DirectFET ISOMETRIC MZ Description This Digital Audio MOSFET is specifically designed for Class D audio amplifier applications This MOSFET utilizes the latest processing techniques to achieve low on resistance per silicon area Furthermore gate charge body diode reverse recovery and internal gate resistance are optimized to improve key Class D audio amplifier performance factors such as efficiency THD and EMI The IRF6785MPbF device utili

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Audio power amplifiers are used in a wide range of audio applications, including home stereo systems, professional sound reinforcement systems, musical instruments, and automotive sound systems. They play a crucial role in delivering high-quality, clean, and powerful sound to the listeners.

Manufacturers : International Rectifier

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Digital Audio MOSFET

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   Irf IRF6785MTRPbF



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   Irf IRF6785MTRPbF



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   Irf IRF6785MTRPbF Mosfet



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