What is 1TC5003W32E2WF02?

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0 Features forward current 30 3mA Wide viewing angle 120 Operating Temperature 40 80 Storage temperature 40 100 Junction Temperature110 ROHS and REACH compliant PACKAGE 1000 PCS REEL Qualified according to JEDEC moisturevity Level 3 Chip material InGaN Reverse Voltage 5V Duty 1 10 Pulse Width 0 1ms 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Product Identification Code 1 Process Type Category LED Type T C 5003 W32E 2 W F 02 Special White code PCB module code Cap color Lap polarity 00000000000000 0 Size 0 0 Dice wavelength 0 0 Free Datasheet http www datasheetgo.com 0 Electrical Optical Characteristics Ta 25 Value Parameter Symbol Min Vf Iv X Wavelength Y Reverse Current Viewing angle Color Rendering Index Ir 2 1 2 CRI 0 3375 120 70 2 8 6000 Unit Typ 3 2 6900 0 3233 10 Max 3 8 V mcd A Deg K Test condition Forward Voltage Luminous intensity If 20mA 3 If 20mA 3 If 20mA 3 If 20mA 3 Vr 5V If 20mA 3 If 20mA 3 If 20mA 3 Color Temperature CCT 6300 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 2 IS standard testing 1 Luminous intensity IV 10 Forward Voltage VF 0 1V Wavelength X Y 0 01 Range of

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Manufacturers : YELLOW STONE

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