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A Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is a type of semiconductor device that is widely used as a switch or rectifier in power control and voltage regulation circuits. It is a three-layer, four-terminal device that can control the flow of current in either direction and provide full-wave rectification in power conversion applications.

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X02xxxA SENSITIVE GATE SCR FEATURES IT RMS 1 25A VDRM 200V to 800V Low IGT 200 A K G A DESCRIPTION The X02xxxA series of SCRs uses a high performance TOP GLASS PNPN technology These parts are intended for general purpose applications where low gate sensitivity is required TO92 Plastic ABSOLUTE RATINGS limiting values Symbol IT RMS IT AV ITSM Parameter RMS on state current 180 conduction angle Mean on state current 180 conduction angle Non repetitive surge peak on state current Tj initial 25 C I2t Value for fusing Critical rate of rise of on state current IG 10 mA diG dt 0 1 A s Storage and operating junction temperature range Maximum lead temperature for soldering during 10s at 2mm from case Tl 60 C Tl 60 C tp 8 3 ms tp 10 ms tp 10 ms Value 1 25 0 8 25 22 5 2 5 30 40 150 40 125 260 A2s A s C C Unit A A A I2t dI dt Tstg Tj Tl Symbol VDRM VRRM January 1995 Parameter B Repetitive peak off state voltage Tj 125 C RGK 1K 200 Voltage D 400 M 600 N 800 Unit V 1 5 Free Datasheet http www datasheetlist com X02xxxA THERMAL RESISTANCES Symbol Rth j a Rth j l Junction to ambient Junction to leads for DC Parameter Value 150 60 Unit C W C W GATE CHARACTERISTICS maximum values P

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The SCR can be triggered or turned on by a small trigger current or voltage applied to its gate terminal, and it remains in the conducting state as long as the anode-to-cathode voltage is positive and the gate trigger current is maintained. The SCR can be turned off by reducing the anode-to-cathode voltage to zero or by removing the gate trigger current. SCRs are widely used in power control and regulation applications, such as lighting and heating control, motor control, battery chargers, and AC-to-DC power conversion, due to their high voltage and current handling capabilities, fast switching speeds, and high reliability.

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

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