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This is Coupled Chip Inductors.

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Document 982F 1 Coupled Chip Inductors PFD3215 For Flyback SEPIC and other applications The PFD3215 has a footprint less than 3 2 2 3 mm making this shielded coupled inductor ideal for applications with limited board space It is designed for use in a variety of circuits including flyback multi output buck and SEPIC These inductors provide high efficiency and excellent current handling in a rugged low cost part They can also be used as two single inductors connected in series or parallel as a wideband transformers or as a common mode choke D L1 VIN C SW L2 C VOUT Typical Flyback Converter L2 D C VOUT 0 131 max 3 32 0 059 max 1 5 0 078 1 98 0 006 0 15 0 024 0 610 4 AUX 1 L1 2 L2 4 VIN SW D L1 C VOUT 3 Typical Buck Converter with auxiliary output D L1 0 088 2 24 VIN C VOUT C1 Q 0 014 0 003 0 356 0 0762 1 2 L2 3 0 030 0 762 4 0 092 max 2 33 3 1 2 Refer to Application Note Document 639 Selecting Coupled Inductors for SEPIC Applications Typical SEPIC schematic 0 025 0 635 Recommended Land Pattern 0 028 0 711 Dimensions are in inches mm Core material Ferrite Core and winding loss Go to online calculator Environmental RoHS compliant halogen free We

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Manufacturers : Coilcraft

COILCRAFT - PFD3215 Datasheet PDF


Coupled Chip Inductors

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