What is AD9639?

This is 170 MSPS/210 MSPS Serial Output 1.8 V ADC.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the AD9639 datasheet provided at this page.

Datasheet Summary in PDF File

Data Sheet FEATURES 4 ADCs in one package JESD204 coded serial digital outputs On chip temperature sensor 95 dB channel to channel crosstalk SNR 65 dBFS with AIN 85 MHz at 210 MSPS SFDR 77 dBc with AIN 85 MHz at 210 MSPS Excellent linearity DNL 0 28 LSB typical INL 0 7 LSB typical 780 MHz full power analog bandwidth Power dissipation 325 mW per channel at 210 MSPS 1 25 V p p input voltage range adjustable up to 1 5 V p p 1 8 V supply operation Clock duty cycle stabilizer Serial port interface features Power down modes Digital test pattern enable Programmable header Programmable pin functions PGMx PDWN Quad 12 Bit 170 MSPS 210 MSPS Serial Output 1 8 V ADC AD9639 FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM AVDD PDWN DRVDD DRGND AD9639 VIN A VIN A VCM A VIN B VIN B VCM B VIN C VIN C VCM C VIN D VIN D VCM D REFERENCE RBIAS DATA RATE MULTIPLIER SERIAL PORT PGM3 PGM2 PGM1 PGM0 RESET SCLK SDI SDIO SDO CSB CLK CLK 07973 001 DATA SERIALIZER ENCODER AND CML DRIVERS BUF SHA PIPELINE ADC DOUT A 12 CHANNEL A DOUT A BUF SHA PIPELINE ADC DOUT B CHANNEL B DOUT B 12 BUF SHA PIPELINE ADC DOUT C CHANNEL C DOUT C 12 BUF SHA PIPELINE ADC DOUT D CHANNEL D DOUT D 12 TEMPOUT APPLICATIONS Communicati

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Manufacturers : Analog Devices

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170 MSPS/210 MSPS Serial Output 1.8 V ADC

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