What is GP638?

This is A Rugged Radio.

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A Rugged Radio for Harsh Environments Motorola GP628 Plus and GP638 Plus are IP67 rated dust tight and water submersible Free Datasheet http www datasheetgo.com Standing up to the challenge Imagine this scenario The shrill scream of the fire alarm pierced the night Within minutes nine men assembled outside a fire engine awaiting instructions This is no ordinary fire cautioned the fire chief We are dealing with a burning manufacturing plant and its storage area contains tanks which may explode if burned so please make sure you are carrying the correct communications equipment today The fire fighters checked their Motorola GP628 Plus radios briefly noting the prominent green dot on the Li ion battery pack which identifies it as an FM rated battery As they arrived at the fire scene its extent became clear Burning goods crackled noisily amongst the shouts of frightened plant workers Hearing one another was going to be difficult The fire chief pulled on his helmet oxygen tank and protective gloves He was thankful for the lightweight radios it was important not to burden his men any more than necessary Easily finding the sculpted Push to Talk PTT button even with his gloved hands he addressed his men Fan out into 3 t

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Manufacturers : Motorola Semiconductors

MOTOROLA - GP638 Datasheet PDF


A Rugged Radio

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