What is AT24C256C?

This is 2-Wire Serial EEPROM.

EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. It is a type of non-volatile memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. EEPROMs are used to store small amounts of data that need to be saved even when the power is turned off, such as the settings of an electronic device or a small amount of code that needs to be retained after a power cycle.

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Datasheet Summary in PDF File

AT24C256C I2C Compatible 2 Wire Serial EEPROM 256 Kbit 32 768 x 8 DATASHEET Features Low voltage and Standard voltage Operation VCC 1 7V to 5 5V Internally Organized as 32 768 x 8 2 wire Serial Interface Schmitt Trigger Filtered Inputs for Noise Suppression Bidirectional Data Transfer Protocol 400kHz 1 7V and 1MHz 2 5V 2 7V 5 0V Compatibility Write Protect Pin for Hardware Protection 64 byte Page Write Mode Partial Page Writes Allowed Self timed Write Cycle 5ms Max High Reliability Endurance 1 000 000 Write Cycles Data Retention 40 Years Lead free Halogen free Devices Available Green Package Options Pb Halide free RoHS Compliant 8 lead JEDEC SOIC 8 lead TSSOP 8 pad UDFN and 8 ball VFBGA Packages Die Sale Options Wafer Form Waffle Pack and Bumped Wafers Description The Atmel AT24C256C provides 262 144 bits of Serial Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory EEPROM organized as 3

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EEPROMs are similar to EPROMs (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) in that they are both non-volatile memory that can be programmed, but EEPROMs can be reprogrammed electrically, while EPROMs must be erased using ultraviolet light before they can be reprogrammed.

Manufacturers : ATMEL Corporation

ATMEL - AT24C256C Datasheet PDF


2-Wire Serial EEPROM

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   Data : Two-wire Serial EEPROM 256K


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