What is LMX2411?

This is Baseband Processor.

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www datasheetgo.com LMX2411 Baseband Processor for Radio Communications PRELIMINARY September 1993 LMX2411 Baseband Processor for Radio Communications General Description The LMX2411 is a monolithic integrated baseband processor suitable for use in Digital European Cordless Telecommunications DECT systems as well as other mobile telephony and wireless communications applications It is fabricated using National s ABiC IV BiCMOS process fT e 15 GHz The LMX2411 contains both transmit and receive functions The transmitter utilizes a low power high speed digital toanalog converter DAC and a mask programmable Read Only Memory ROM to generate a Gaussian filter pulse shape The receiver includes a high speed low power voltage comparator for making hard decisions on incoming data and a CMOS switch coupled with a sample and hold circuit for DC compensation Supply voltage can range from 2 85V to 3 6V The LMX2411 features very low current consumption of 2 5 mA transmit and 5 mA receive steady state It also has separate power down pins for transmit and receive functions to further reduce power consumption The LMX2411 can be used with the LMX2216B LNA Mixer the LMX2240 IF Receiver and the LMX2320 Phase Locked Loop to form a complete RF front end solution These

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Manufacturers : National Semiconductor

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Baseband Processor

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