What is KMX?

This is Microminiature Tact Switch.

A switching regulator, also known as a switch-mode power supply, is a type of voltage regulator that uses a switching element. Unlike linear regulators, which adjust the output voltage by using a resistive element to drop the excess voltage, switching regulators work by rapidly switching the input voltage on and off to produce a regulated output voltage.

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www datasheetgo.com KMX Series Microminiature Tact Switch for SMT Features Ultra low profile 0 58mm Compact switch body 4 5x4 5mm 1 6 and 2 2N sharp tactile feel 250k cycles 1 4mm actuator grounded RoHS compliant and compatible Typical Applications Allows higher board density with compact SMT switch for ultra low profile environment cell phones keypads key fob white goods medical and military B Tactile Switches Specification FUNCTION Snap action push on type SPST shielded CONTACT TYPE Normally open TERMINALS Gullwing type for SMT Electrical Silver Gold 0 5 VA 32 VDC 20 mA 1 mA Mechanical MAXIMUM ACTUATING FORCE LIFE 20 N for 1 000 cycles Operating force Type Newtons grams KMX211G 213G 1 6 160 30 KMX221G 223G 2 2 220 30 Operating life operations Travel 250 000 0 20 0 10 250 000 0 20 0 10 MAXIMUM POWER 0 5 VA MAXIMUM VOLTAGE 32 VDC MAXIMUM CURRENT DC 50 mA MINIMUM CURRENT DC 1 mA CONTACT RESISTANCE 100 m INSULATION RESISTANCE 50 M BOUNCE TIME 6 ms Environmental OPERATING TEMPERATURE STORAGE TEMPERATURE RELATIVE HUMIDITY Silver 40 C to 85 C 55 C to 85 C 90 to 96 Gold 40 C to 125 C 55 C to 125 C Packaging Switches are delivered in tape and reels of 10

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Switching regulators are typically more efficient than linear regulators, as they can handle larger voltage changes with less power loss. They are also more compact and lighter, making them ideal for use in portable electronic devices. Additionally, switching regulators are capable of regulating a wider range of voltage levels and can handle higher current loads.

Manufacturers : ITT Industries

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Microminiature Tact Switch

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