What is CLC5955?

This is Broadband Monolithic A/D Converter.

An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is an electronic device that converts continuous analog signals into discrete digital signals. Analog signals are continuous signals that vary smoothly over time, while digital signals are discrete signals that are represented by a sequence of discrete values.

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www datasheetgo.com April 2002 CLC5955 11 bit 55MSPS Broadband Monolithic A D Converter N CLC5955 11 bit 55MSPS Broadband Monolithic A D Converter General Description The CLC5955 is a monolithic 11 bit 55MSPS analog to digital converter The device has been optimized for use in IF sampled digital receivers and other applications where high resolution high sampling rate wide dynamic range low power dissipation and compact size are required The CLC5955 features differential analog inputs low jitter differential universal clock inputs a low distortion track and hold with 0 300MHz input bandwidth a bandgap voltage reference data valid clock output TTL compatible CMOS 3 3V or 2 5V programmable output logic and a proprietary multistage quantizer The CLC5955 is fabricated on the ABIC V 0 8 micron BiCMOS process The CLC5955 features a 74dBc spurious free dynamic range SFDR and a 64dB signal to noise ratio SNR The wideband track and hold allows sampling of IF signals to greater than 250MHz The part produces two tone dithered SFDR of 83dBFS at 75MHz input frequency The differential analog input provides excellent common mode rejection while the differential universal clock inputs minimize jitter The 48 pin TSSOP package provides an extrem

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Here are several types of ADCs, including: Successive approximation ADCs - these are the most common type of ADC and use a binary search algorithm to determine the digital value of the input signal. Flash ADCs - these are the fastest type of ADC, but also the most expensive, as they use a large number of comparators to simultaneously convert the input signal. Delta-sigma ADCs - these are high-resolution ADCs that use oversampling and noise-shaping techniques to achieve high accuracy.

Manufacturers : National Semiconductor

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Broadband Monolithic A/D Converter

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   Converter : CLC5955 11-bit 55MSPS Broadband Monolithic A/D Converter (Rev. A)


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   Silicon 3.0 Watt Zener Diode


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