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www datasheetgo.com Features 1 5 Gbps Bi directional Transceiver Compliant with Serial ATA Gen1 Revision 1 0a Specification Low Power Operation 75 mW per Channel Nominal Key Blocks Include Integrated OOB Processor K28 5 COMMA Detection Digital Clock and Data Recovery CDR with Digital Equalization Spread Spectrum Clocking Optional 8B 10B Encoder and Decoder Parallel I O Synchronous 8 bit 10 bit Parallel Interface 150 MHz Serial I 0 Programmable Pre emphasis Programmable Swing Control Passive Equalization in Receive Input Buffer Support for Spread Spectrum Clocking Integrated 100 Matched Differential Termination AC and DC Coupling Support Test Features Far end and Near end Loopback Support At Speed BIST Scan Test of Physical Coding Sub layer PCS 2 channel Serial ATA PHY AT78C5090 Summary Overview The AT78C5090 is a 2 channel SATA PHY supporting Gen 1 speeds of 1 5 Gbps The IP has been designed based on the requirements stated in the Serial ATA Standard Rev 1 0a Jan 2003 On the transmit path parallel data is registered passed through a transmit FIFO to compensate for phase differences between the link and PHY clocks 8B 10B encoded and then passed out v

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Manufacturers : ATMEL Corporation

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