What is AS1744?

This is (AS1744 / AS1745) SPDT Analog Switches.

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www datasheetgo.com a u s t ri a m i c r o s y s t e m s AS1744 AS1745 H i g h Sp e e d L o w Vo l ta g e D u a l S i n g l e S u p p l y 4 S P D T A n a l o g S w i t c h e s D a ta S he e t 1 General Description The AS1744 AS1745 are high speed low voltage dual single pole double throw SPDT analog switches Fast switching speeds low ON resistance and low power consumption make these devices ideal for singlecell battery powered applications These highly reliable devices operate from a 1 8 to 5 5V supply are differentiated by inverted logic and support break before make switching With low ON resistance RON RON matching and RON flatness the devices can accurately switch signals for sample and hold circuits digital filters and op amp gain switching networks The devices are available in a 10 pin MSOP package and a 10 pin TDFN package 2 Key Features ON Resistance 4 5V supply 5 5 3V supply RON Matching 0 2 5V supply RON Flatness 1 5V supply Supply Voltage Range 1 8 to 5 5V 1 8V Operation 9 5 ON Resistance over Temperature 38ns Turn On Time 12ns Turn Off Time Current Handling 100mA Continuous Break Before Make Switching Rail to Rail Signal Handling Crosstalk 90dB at 1MHz Of

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Manufacturers : austriamicrosystems

AM - AS1744 Datasheet PDF


(AS1744 / AS1745) SPDT Analog Switches

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