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www datasheetgo.com AM1214 250 RF POWER TRANSISTORS L BAND RADAR APPLICATIONS TARGET DATA REFRACTORY GOLD METALLIZATION EMITTER SITE BALLASTING LOW RF THERMAL RESISTANCE INPUT OUTPUT MATCHING OVERLAY GEOMETRY METAL CERAMIC HERMETIC PACKAGE POUT 300 W MIN WITH 8 0 dB GAIN 1215 1400 MHz OPERATION M259 hermetically sealed ORDER CODE AM1214 250 BRANDING XAM1214 250 PIN CONNECTION 1 DESCRIPTION The AM1214 250 is a rugged Class C common base device designed for new L Band medium long pulse radar applications Minimal amplitude droop over a long pulse of 500 microsec is guaranteed by a thermal design incorporating an overlay site ballasted die geometry 4 3 1 Collector 2 Base 2 3 Emitter 4 Base ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS TCASE 25 C Symbol PDISS IC VCBO Tj TSTG Parameter Power Dissipation TC 85 C Device Current Collector Base Voltage Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Value 786 21 70 250 65 to 200 Unit W A V C C THERMAL DATA Rth j c Junction Case Thermal Resistance 0 21 C W Applies only to rated RF amplifier operation 150 microsec 10 July 2000 1 4 AM1214 250 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION TCASE 25 C STATIC Symbol BVCBO BVCES BVEBO ICES hFE IC 50 mA IC 50 mA IE

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Manufacturers : ST Microelectronics

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