What is ISL54056?

This is Ultra Low ON-Resistance Quad SPDT Analog Switch.

A switching regulator, also known as a switch-mode power supply, is a type of voltage regulator that uses a switching element. Unlike linear regulators, which adjust the output voltage by using a resistive element to drop the excess voltage, switching regulators work by rapidly switching the input voltage on and off to produce a regulated output voltage.

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www datasheetgo.com ISL54056 Data Sheet October 30 2006 FN6357 1 Ultra Low ON Resistance 1 65V to 4 5V Single Supply Quad SPDT Dual DPDT Analog Switch The Intersil ISL54056 device is a low ON resistance low voltage bidirectional Quad SPDT Dual DPDT analog switch designed to operate from a single 1 65V to 4 5V supply Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from low RON 0 39 and fast switching speeds tON 30ns tOFF 16ns The digital logic input is 1 8V logic compatible when using a single 3V supply With a supply voltage of 4 2V and logic high voltage of 2 85V at both logic inputs the part draws only 12 A max of ICC current Cell phones for example often face ASIC functionality limitations The number of analog input or GPIO pins may be limited and digital geometries are not well suited to analog switch performance This part may be used to mux in additional functionality while reducing ASIC design risk The ISL54056 is offered in small form factor package alleviating board space limitations The ISL54056 consists of four SPDT switches It is configured as a dual double pole double throw DPDT device with two logic control inputs that control two SPDT switches each The configuration can b

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Switching regulators are typically more efficient than linear regulators, as they can handle larger voltage changes with less power loss. They are also more compact and lighter, making them ideal for use in portable electronic devices. Additionally, switching regulators are capable of regulating a wider range of voltage levels and can handle higher current loads.

Manufacturers : Intersil Corporation

INTERSIL - ISL54056 Datasheet PDF


Ultra Low ON-Resistance Quad SPDT Analog Switch

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