What is DS26528?

This is Octal T1/E1/J1 Transceiver.

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www datasheetgo.com DS26528 Octal T1 E1 J1 Transceiver www maxim ic com GENERAL DESCRIPTION The DS26528 is a single chip 8 port framer and line interface unit LIU combination for T1 E1 and J1 applications Each port is independently configurable supporting both long haul and short haul lines FEATURES Eight Complete T1 E1 or J1 Long Haul ShortHaul Transceivers LIU plus Framer Independent T1 E1 or J1 Selections for Each Transceiver Internal Software Selectable Transmit and Receive Side Termination for 100W T1 Twisted Pair 110W J1 Twisted Pair 120W E1 Twisted Pair and 75W E1 Coaxial Applications Crystal Less Jitter Attenuators can be Selected for Transmit or Receive Path The Jitter Attenuator meets ETSI CTR 12 13 ITU G 736 G 742 G 823 and AT T PUB 62411 External Master Clock can be Multiple of 2 048MHz or 1 544MHz for T1 J1 or E1 operation This Clock is Internally Adapted for T1 or E1 Usage in the Host Mode Receive Signal Level Indication from 2 5dB to 36dB in T1 Mode and 2 5dB to 44dB in E1 Mode in Approximate 2 5dB Increments Transmit Open and Short Circuit Detection LIU LOS in Accordance with G 775 ETSI 300233 and T1 231 Transmit Synchronizer Flexible Signaling Extraction and Insertion Using Either the System Interface

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Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated Products

MAXIM - DS26528 Datasheet PDF


Octal T1/E1/J1 Transceiver

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